Graduation Gifts for all!
published on: December 09 2019

With Ticket and Gowning collection running this Wednesday 11 December - Friday 13 December, now is the time to get those gifts! 

Campus Store will have a Pop-Up on location at Marvel for those three days and we will have SO. MUCH. MERCH. 

Of course we will have Hoodies, Crews and Tees but are you looking for that little something extra?

Here are some of our favourites that you should miss! 

You can't go passed this precious bear? Can you?

Show your Redback Pride! Rupert the Redback is all ready to graduate alongside with you. 

Keep your photo's in a special place! Try out our gorgeous frames. They come in both portrait and landscape mode. 

Oh hey! We got new ties and they are killer :) 

We also have our stunning Indigenous (student designed) Silk Scarf. Can be worn in the hair, around the wrist, around the neck. So very versatile. 

Of course how could I forget our brand new Soy candles? Three wonderful scents, hand made right here in Melbourne Victoria. 

We have so much more to offer you, so come say Hi at Marvel and in store! 

You can also check out our special Graduation collection online here.

Ps. Come check out our Testamur Frames as well! In-Store only because they are just that special.