Prepare... Prepare... Procrastinate
published on: October 14 2020

Assessment begins on 25 October 2020. For three weeks, you will be working hard to achieve those results, and crawl to the finish line it what has been one crazy year of learning. 

So, what do we do while that date encroaches upon us? I guess we have to study.... 

Here are some tips, in case you don't know where to start: 

  • Find a comfortable place to set-up, make sure you set with wifi, snacks and, oh yeah, the study materials. 
  • Create a schedule (a sensible one). You know how you used to create timetables that you never stuck to? This time, be gentle with your mind, it has been through a lot lately. 
  • Take Breaks. Read above: Mind gentleness
  • Chat to a friend, whether that be for study help or ranting about how many words there are in a reading... Seriously, why are there so. many. words?
  • Exercise & Sleep. Not at the same time, although... 

Good luck with that studying and good luck with those final assessments. We believe in you.