So it's exam season and you forgot you were at uni...
published on: October 17 2019

First of all, don't panic! You will be fine.

First step: check your Exam Timetable and make sure you write those dates and times down! 

If you feel like you are struggling or you don't know where to start with revision, that is what Study Support and Mental Wellbeing are there for. Use your resources. This can be an incredibly stressful time and RMIT is here to support you where we can! 

The Library can seem intimidating but it is a quiet space with limited distractions. Much better than a lounge room or bedroom with a bag of chips, Netflix/Stan/Amazon Prime/Hayu. As an avid procrastinator, I can vouch for this.  

Good luck for your exams! Study hard. We at the Campus Store believe in you!