Story Time: Ngarara Willim
published on: October 21 2019

Every Year the Campus Store await a beautiful new Indigenous print. Every year, we are baffled by just how wonderful and symbolic that print is. 

Then we bring out a line of merchandise, usually just in time for the Indigenous Nationals and we love that the range is expanding more and more every year. 

We couldn't do any of that without The Ngarara Willim Centre. 

What better way to describe NWC than they way they describe themselves:

"The Ngarara Willim Centre is a place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples where we will support and encourage you throughout your studies. Ngarara Willim means ‘gathering place’ in the language of the Wurundjeri, the traditional custodians of the land where RMIT stands. Our staff can assist you to engage and re-engage with education. We offer ongoing guidance with study, living and cultural needs. Join the Ngarara Willim Centre community where we challenge you to reach your potential."

For more information about what NWC do to support the Indigenous community at RMIT, please see the link below.