Customise your experience

You may get the best experience of this and other websites by customising your computer to meet your needs. The BBC My Web, My Way website provides guides about using accessibility features of your computer or installing assistive tools to improve how websites work for you.

RMIT provides its students and staff a range of assistive software for use on RMIT computers. These can be requested through the IT Service Desk.

Known issues

  • - Our best efforts have been made for site accessibility however when adding an item to your cart, a screen reader will not detect this change on the page. Visit "My Cart" at any time to confirm cart contents and quantities.
  • - The 'shipping method' is not labelled in checkout page 2.  This is a limitation of the system and is not able to be resolved at this stage.

Reporting problems

To report a problem you have using this website, please email This will help us make improvements. Use this guide to contacting organisations about inaccessible websites for what information to include in your feedback.

More information

RMIT’s Web Accessibility Policy guides RMIT staff on how to create and maintain accessible websites.

February 2014