Activity Time
published on: April 27 2020

Today we are going to start with our brain break. Because there are some fun activities that we will need a calm mind for.  

Brain break - Colors: Visualize colors while focusing on the breath. Inhale a deep green, and exhale a smoky gray. Imagine the colors as swirling and alive with each inhale. If you find the need to de-escalating from an angry moment, the color red is a great color to exhale. 

Okay! Now that we are centred and calmed. Lets play some games. 

Pick up your branded notebook and pen (I know you have them). 

Writing Activity: Poetry Scavenger Hunt

The Purpose: This activity encourages you to see the poetry in everyday language. 

The Process: You will need to 'scavenge’ your school, home, and outside community for snippets of language that you believe you can compile into a piece of poetry or a poetic collage. They may copy down or photograph words, phrases, and sentences from signs, magazines, leaflets or even snippets of conversations you overhear while on your socially distant, hour of exercise. Or a snippet of conversation or advice that has stuck with you in your life. 

Examples of language you collect may range from the Keep Out sign on private property to the destination on the front of a local bus.

Once you have your language it's time to build a poem out of the scraps. Try to choose a central theme to give the piece cohesion. 

YOUR CHALLENGE: Add a little RMIT Flare. 

How did it go? Wanna share it?