Another day, Another Exam prep blog
published on: June 01 2020

Oof. How is it exam prep time already? I’m kidding, this year has gone on forever... it’s December, right?  

Before we get into the logistics of Exam Prep let’s get you that answer you’ve all been waiting for. The answer to the last blogs riddle is...  

A candle 

Did you get it? Did you google it because you are impatient?  

Okay back to exams.  

Step one: Be sure to double check your exam timetable 

Step two: Learn the entire unit in two weeks because you forgot lectures were a thing.  

Step three: Scream in frustration because you need to learn an entire unit 

Step four: Take a breath. You got this.  

Remember, there are services out there to help you, student support and wellbeing can assist you, if you feel the need for a little extra support.  

Remember that studying 24/7 isn’t all that healthy, take a break, go for a walk, watch an episode of Brooklyn 99, bake something delicious.  

Step five: You kill it and can rest easy for a Sem break.  

Good luck from your ever faithful supporters.