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Meet the designer: Isabella Manakis

Isabella Manakis is one of our esteemed RMIT Alumni whose artwork has been featured on two of the RMIT Store's products during her time as a Bach. Design Communication Design student.
Find out more about Isabella and where her creative talents have taken her after graduating.What are you currently working on?I am dedicated to expanding my multidisciplinary freelance graphic design and illustration practice; Isabella Zoe Designs.
Currently, my focus lies in developing a captivating collection of illustrative products for my ecommerce store, while simultaneously collaborating with several exciting clients to further enhance my expertise in the graphic design field.Having initially ventured into the publishing industry, my passion for book design, particularly children's books, has become increasingly prominent. 
Combining this interest with my love for illustration, I am fully engrossed in the process of designing and publishing my first children's book.Furthermore, I am embarking on a new endeavor in art curation and the upcycling of vintage clothing. In collaboration with Isabella Dredge @dredgeart, another RMIT alumna. We have established a partnership business called isquared. isquared encompasses two distinct entities: isquared Gallery and isquared Vintage, which harmoniously contribute to monthly gallery showcases and thoughtfully curated, theme-based drops of upcycled clothing.We are actively seeking out visionary talents from diverse creative fields to showcase in our gallery. If you are a passionate creative looking for an opportunity to have your work displayed and celebrated, connect with us at's influences your designs?The creative essence of my personal design projects and illustrative pieces for Isabella Zoe Designs are deeply intertwined with my surroundings and the talented individuals who inspire me. I thrive on the vibrant energy of the 
creative community, constantly immersing myself in their work to fuel my own artistic growth.My practice is a playful and colourful reflection of my ever-evolving journey as a creative. I embrace the essence of each moment, allowing my work to adapt and transform. Drawing inspiration from esteemed designers whom I admire, 
such as the great Alan Fletcher and the wonderful Beci Orpin, I am continuously expanding my artistic horizons by delving into both contemporary and classic design realms.The design practice of Isquared is greatly influenced by the creative partnership I share with my business partner, as well as our collective interests. We collaboratively shape our projects, drawing from our unique perspectives and shared vision.Design, by its very nature, is a product of various influential factors. Clients, project briefs, environments, and target audiences all play a prominent role in shaping the creative direction. Striking a balance between individual expression and meeting project objectives is key to creating impactful and meaningful design outcomes.What motivates you?As a dedicated full-time freelancer, my motivation stems from within, fuelled by a desire to carve a meaningful path as a creative individual. Each day presents an opportunity to progress, learn from previous experiences, and continually evolve and refine my design style and creative practice.Creative talents motivate me to seek work and push what I am doing. My mum and family have always supported this vision and dream of mine. Their encouragement has been a cornerstone in nurturing and sustaining my creative vision, empowering me to pursue my passions with unwavering determination.With each step forward, I am driven by the love, encouragement, and inspiration that surround me.What is your advice to future designers?Keep going and keep trying! The world is full of creative individuals, look up to them as Inspiration. There is room for everyone no matter your skill level! Take every single opportunity that comes your way in this field as you never know where it may lead you. Do not comprised your talents and always follow the opportunities for creative growth.
Trust your vision and work at it.What's next for you?Growing my freelance practice (Isabella Zoe Designs) , percussing my partnership business (isquared gallery and isquared vintage) and focusing on publishing my first book.As well as enjoying the days in-between and growing as a creative.
We love to collaborate with the talented and unique designers here at RMIT, so keep your eye out for student designs here at the store, or check them out online:


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