New In: Indigenous Range Part one
published on: July 22 2019

Our 2019 Indigenous Jumpers and Hoodies are colourful, meaningful and show what true collaboration can produce. 

Created using RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) student, Taylah Cole's design, and was produced in partnership with the Ngarara Willim Centre.

The Emu tracks symbolise the journey students take in growth and education, and travel from their country and families to study and learn.

The Manna Gum leaves are a reoccurring theme within RMIT and the Ngarara Willim logo, and represents Elders and ancestors.

Mannie and Quinn wear these proudly and you can too! 

But wait, there's more! Stay tuned for part 2 of this wonderful series. 

Check out the NGARARA Willim Hoodies and Tee's here.