New Mannequins have arrived in the Campus Store...
published on: April 05 2019

And they’re a handful.  

Remember the headless mannies that would grace our windows? Remember how they showed no emotion and just wore the clothes in a polite manner?  

Well we, at the Campus Store made the executive decision to rehire and it has been an adventure!  

Their journey from mannequin land took a while, and when they arrived, they were a mess! Arms and heads everywhere. We slowly assembled them and sat down for a team meeting.  

Obviously, there was a lot to discuss. Their lack of clothing being the most pressing issue. As you can see, they are very responsive to criticism and eager to get to work!  

So it begins... 

Mannie took on the role of lab technician, he is there for all your lab supply needs.  

Quinn decided to don the Smoke Tee, it brings out her flower crown, which she made at the Student Life Pop – Up.  

There is so much Mannie and Quinn have to say, so we hope you join us (and them) on their adventures in the Store.  

Stay tuned! Stay Stylish!